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1st Securities Management


Welcome to 1st Securities Management

The multitude of investment information available today has left most investors confused and frustrated.  At 1st Securities Management, our approach to investing exposes why the Traditional Investing Methods of stock picking, market timing and past performance don’t work!  Our investment strategies are based on Nobel Prize winning asset allocation and global diversification. These strategies are designed to enable you to achieve your financial goals with the least amount of risk and volatility.

As a Financial Coach we educate investors about how markets work, guide them in adopting an investment philosophy, assist them in determining their appropriate individual tolerance for risk, design a customized asset allocation and globally diversified investment portfolio, and provide the life long emotional support and discipline investors need to achieve their long-term financial goals.  Together we’re a team … and we’re in this for the long haul … and we’re in it to win … and we recognize their may be short term set backs … and we’re not deterred by that … and we focus on the finish line.  We work for you, not a big brokerage firm. 

Simplify and Succeed!

If you’re looking for someone with the next “hot stock” or to predict the market top or bottom, we’re not for you.  Our scientific Nobel Prize winning asset allocations are based on noted academic scholars and independent research.  It’s not about trying to predict the future, no one can do that. But we have a better way, and we invite you to visit the various areas of our site to learn more about our investment concepts. Don’t waste another day risking your family’s financial future.  Contact us for a FREE No Obligation Investment Consultation at 989-269-9231.

We’re Different

Our investment strategies are based on noted academic scholars, independent investor research and Nobel Prize winning asset allocation and diversification.  Our custom designed investment portfolios are based on your individual tolerance for risk and allocated and diversified in more than 14,000 companies in 39 countries globally.


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Investor Education

When it comes to learning about investments and how markets work, I’ve had many investors say, “I trust you”…”Whatever you think is best”…”I don’t have the time.” Investing can be a very complex process, but you don’t need to understand all the intricacies. You do however need a general understanding of how and why markets work.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on numerous academic scholars, independent research studies, and Nobel Prize Laureates.  It consists of utilizing scientific formulas and owning broad asset classes globally diversified.  Our asset class portfolios provide equity positions in more than 14,000 companies and in 39 countries around the world.