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Risk Tolerance Assessment & Must Answer Questions

Retirement Goals:

1.  What is your age?

2.  At what age would you like to retire?

3.  How much do you currently have invested for retirement?

4.  How much are you investing annually for retirement?

5.  How much do you need monthly in today’s $?

6.  What is your estimated monthly social security benefit at retirement?

7.  What is your estimated company pension benefit at retirement?

8.  How much decline in $ can you emotionally withstand during any year?

Education Funding Goals:

1.  What is the age(s) of your children?





2.  What is the estimated education cost annually in today’s $ for each child?





3.   How many years education do you desire to fund for each child?





Other Financial Goals:

1.  How much do you need in today’s $?

2.  How many years do you have to reach this financial goal?

Time Horizon:

1.  When do you plan to begin withdrawing money from your investment account?

a.  Less than 3 years.

b.  3 to 5 years.

c.  6 to 10 years.

d.  11 years or more.

2.  How many years do you plan to be able to withdraw funds?

a.  Less than 3 years.

b.  2 to 5 years.

c.  6 to 10 years.

d.  11 years or more.

Risk Tolerance:

1.  How would you describe your knowledge of investments?

a.  None.

b.  Limited.

c.  Good.

d.  Extensive.

2.  When you invest your money you are most concerned about:

a.  My investment losing value.

b.  My investment either losing value or failing to gain gaining value.

c.  My investment failing to gain value.

3.  Identify the investment categories you currently own, or have owned in the past.

a.  Money market funds.

b.  Bonds or bond funds.

c.  Stocks or stock mutual funds.

d.  International stocks or international mutual funds.

4.  If your investment account lost 25% of its value within 3 months you would:

a.  Sell all your investments and convert to cash.

b.  Sell some of your investments and convert to cash.

c.  Do nothing.

d.  Buy more investments with available cash.

5.  Which of the following Best and Worst case scenarios is most acceptable to you?

Avg. Annual ReturnBest CaseWorst Case
c. 10.4%33.6%-18.2%
d. 11.7%42.8%-24.0%